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Cost-Effective, Natural-Looking Partial Dentures in San Jose, California

Simply Natural Partials

Getting a new partial can be simple and painless. Typically, no drilling of your teeth is needed. Your dentist will determine your unique dental needs in order to give you a comfortable partial.
On your first visit, after an oral examination; your dentist will ask key questions about your partial to ensure it will be designed to be comfortable, esthetic and durable. Preliminary impressions are sent to the laboratory for your final treatment plan.
During your next appointment, your dentist will review your treatment options and take final impressions. These impressions are sent to the laboratory to begin fabrication of your new partial.
At the following appointment, your partial is evaluated for comfort and tooth position. Using a wax try-in of your partial denture, your dentist ensures that your new teeth are positioned correctly. This wax try-in is sent to the laboratory for final processing.
At the final appointment, your new Simply Natural Partial is delivered. Your dentist will explain the proper care needed to maintain your partial for maximum longevity.

Simply Natural Dentures

Your dentist is among a select few who use the Simply Natural Dentures system for more natural looking full dentures. They resist staining, are stronger, last longer, and fit more comfortably than typical dentures. Here are the easy steps required to make your new Simply Natural Dentures.
At your first appointment, your dentist will ask you some specific questions about your present dentures, and how you want your new dentures to look. Impressions are taken and models sent to the lab for fabrication of your aesthetic guide.
During the second appointment, your doctor uses a unique aesthetic guide to gather your personal smile characteristics. Your dentist positions it in your mouth, sets our bite, and readjusts the two front teeth if necessary. This helps guide the dental technician in creating your new smile. Special consideration is taken to ensure proper lip support and a pleasing smile line for your facial contour.
At this same appointment, the specific shade and shape of the denture teeth are selected. For a more natural looking denture, hand sculpted European denture teeth can be selected at an additional cost. These teeth give the most natural appearance and are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth.
At the laboratory, the technician uses your esthetic guide as a foundation to carefully position your new teeth. Your new dentures are contoured in a manner which retains the appearance of natural healthy tissue.
At the third appointment, a wax copy of your new denture is tried in to confirm bite and tooth position. Any changes to your smile or bite can be easily made at this point. When you’re fully satisfied your denture is sent to the laboratory for final processing.
In the laboratory, we process your new dentures using a system that ensures a comfortable fit. A special bond enhancer is placed on the teeth to secure them permanently into the denture. After processing, your dentures are shaped to look like natural healthy tissue making them comfortable to clean.
At your delivery appointment, you will receive your new dentures. You’ll find your new Simply Natural Dentures to be the most lifelike and natural dentures you’ve ever had.