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Teeth Whitening in San Jose, California

A Bright Smile at the Speed of Light

At Top Dental, your smile is our top priority. The best smiles are vibrant and bright smiles that gleam and shine. Because we use Pola Office+, our professional tooth bleaching technicians can brighten your smile in a short, 30-minute in-office treatment.
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Comfort You Can Count On

The hardest thing about getting your teeth whitened is how much it can hurt. With the Pola Office+ treatment we offer, you will have no irritation, bleeding, burning or pain. Come to our office on the way to work or home, in the morning or whenever and leave with a better smile to brighten your day.

Natural Soother and Conditioner

Special additives minimize plaque formation and enhance demineralization so that your teeth sensitivity will be reduced. Antibacterial properties in the Pola Office+ gel help in tooth recovery.

High Water Concentration

The gel we use reduces dehydration of your enamel and decreases your sensitivity because of the high water concentration.

Molecular Weight Thickener

A high molecular weight thickener reduces the tacky feeling and drying effect of the gel. Your sensitivity to the gel will be reduced, giving you the comfort you deserve.

High Viscosity

The gel’s viscosity ensures easy and secure placement into the tray so that none of the gel will remain in the tray for the entire procedure.


The gel is pleasantly flavored with refreshing spearmint, giving your mouth a fresh and long lasting taste.

Try Our Whitening Services

No matter what your schedule is like, you can fit in a 30-minute whitening. Schedule during your lunch break or on your way to work. Call today because your smile is our top priority!