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Family Dental Care in San Jose, California

The Family That Smiles Together …

Dental care is important. By keeping your teeth clean, you’re able to eat and speak better. Getting regular dental care is the best thing to help your teeth and mouth. But sometimes that’s difficult for an entire family. Top Dental is committed to helping your entire family get the dental care it deserves. After all, the family that smiles together stays together.

Personal Care for the Entire Family

Our goal is to bring your personal care for each of your family members. Whether you have an elderly grandparent living with you or a rambunctious two-year-old, we want to provide dental care for everyone.
We work with your insurance to be able to provide you with the best coverage for your entire family. Each family member will be taken care of at Top Dental.

Bring Your Kids to the Kid’s Waiting Room

Kids can be the best thing in anyone’s life, but they can also be a big struggle. It can be stressful to get the kids dressed and ready to go to the dentist. What will you bring to entertain them? How do you get them to behave?
Luckily, at Top Dental, we know how hard it can be to keep your kids under control when out in public. We provide a special kid’s waiting room that is equipped to handle the situation. This specialized room contains a TV, iPads, and game table to entertain your children while they wait for their dental appointment or while you get your own teeth looked at.

Children’s Seats

It can also be stressful when children have to get their teeth cleaned. We provide special children’s seats that provide in-seat entertainment while your children are receiving their care. They can watch shows on the provided screen or be calmed by our soothing nature mural.

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Let us take the stress away from bringing the entire family to the dentist. Come to Top Dental for the best care with the least amount of stress. Schedule your appointment today.
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